Wall Bracing

WB Series: We recommend metal bracing only be used to serve as temporary bracing to prevent racking before structural sheathing is applied. Metal bracing should never be used as a substitute for shear wall sheathing, as it offers only about one-tenth the resistance to racking as 3/8" plywood.

WBA Series: Angle wall bracing offers the most efficient means of maintaining the squareness of wood frame walls during and after construction. The angle wall bracing eliminates racking after completion. It is easily installed and is stronger and less expensive than a 1x4 let-in bracing. The WBA bracing does not serve as a replacement for load-bearing shearwall components.
To install: (1) Use the length of the wall bracing to mark the studs and plates. (2) Cut a single 1" deep saw kerf into the studs and plates on the line previously marked. (3) Nail the wall bracing angle at the studs and plates.

WBT Series: T wall brace extra-rigid lengths won't bend as easily as flat brace, making installation easier. No X-pattern installation needed.

WB 16 ga. galvanized steel
WBA 18 ga. galvanized steel
WBT 22 ga. galvanized steel

CODES: FL Approval #8283, ICC ESR-1347, ER-2926

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