We manufacture XtremeTrim® for fiber cement, roofing products and structural metal products for stronger homes and buildings that will hold together under high wind and seismic forces.

Tamlyn provides a full line of Color Flashing recommended for use in conjunction with all fiber cement siding & soffit products such as James Hardie. Our prebent color flashing trim is recommended by James Hardie because it is made to exactly color match their pre-finished fiber cement sidings to comply with their warranty. Tamlyn provides tough, weather-resistant coatings for a long lasting beauty and low maintenance on Color Flashing. Easy to install with all fiber cement siding and soffit products.

A very diversified mix of frequently needed building products is available from Tamlyn. We manufacture joist and truss hangers, brick ties, hurricane clips, straps, and holdowns, as well as special and custom welded hangers. Tamlyn structural products are ICC-listed and Florida Building Code-approved. We also make G-185 triple zinc connectors for use with the new ACQ treated wood products.

We offer quality products, competitive prices, and fast service. While we recognize we are in a global economy, we remain committed to making products by choice in the USA, giving customers a quality domestic option.