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Metal Products

We manufacture joist and truss hangers, brick ties, hurricane clips, straps, and holdowns, as well as special and custom welded hangers...

Fiber Cement Trims

XtremeTrim® has thousands of design and color options, allowing architects and users to dramatically improve their building aesthetics and create modern architectural lines...

Drainable Housewrap

TamlynWrap™ Drainable Housewrap is the newest moisture management system products from Tamlyn. This innovative product effectively eliminates excess moisture and mitigates the damaging effects of mold and rot...

Conventional Flashing

Tamlyn®’s extensive line of Conventional Metal Flashings used by the framing and roofing industries have been proven to improve building quality and provide for increased moisture management and structural integrity...

Ventilation Products

Tamlyn® is a manufacturer of multiple ventilation fitting options which either let air in or let air out. These includes Gable vents, continuous and individual, Undereave vents, Wall vents and stainless steel vents...

Structural Metal Products by Tamlyn

A very diversified mix of frequently needed building products is available from Tamlyn®. We manufacture joist and truss hangers, brick ties, hurricane clips, straps, and holdowns, as well as special and custom welded hangers. Tamlyn® structural products are ICC-listed and Florida Building Code-approved. We also make G-185 triple zinc connectors for use with the new ACQ treated wood products. The majority of these will be found on this website.

We offer quality products, competitive prices, and fast service. While we recognize we are in a global economy, we remain committed to making products by choice in the USA, giving customers a quality domestic option.

Conventional Metal Flashings by Tamlyn

Tamlyn® also manufactures an extensive line of conventional steel flashing used for roofing and framing installation. Custom job specific fabrication is also offered at competitive rates on large projects.

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